Dr. Andrew S. Wozniak



Andrew S.Wozniak, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Old Dominion University

Curriculum Vitae:  Wozniak CV July 2015 

B.A. Biology, University of Virginia, 2000
M.S. Biological Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, 2004
     Dr. Charles T. Roman, advisor
Ph.D. Marine Science/Chemical Oceanography, College of William and Mary, 2010
     Drs. James E. Bauer, Rebecca M. Dickhut, co-advisors

Research Interests
My research uses chemical measurements of various types of environmental samples to learn what the amounts and chemical characteristics of natural and anthropogenic organic matter (OM) can tell us about the alterations of carbon cycling and budgets, the functioning of ecosystems, the large scale movements of pelagic fishes, and the Earth’s climate. I am an ocean and atmosphere biogeochemist trained in organic geochemical methods; my research is interdisciplinary straddling the fields of atmospheric chemistry, geochemistry, and marine science, and I enjoy working on a range of topics. Recent and ongoing projects have examined the quantities, characteristics, and properties of aerosol OM in marine and continental environments, the role of aerosol OM as trace metal binding ligands, air-sea exchange of aerosol and volatile OM, the role of photochemistry in determining aerosol OM chemical composition and radiative properties, and the use of organochlorine pollutants to study migration of Atlantic Bluefin tuna between the western and eastern Atlantic Ocean.

More About Me
Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, I’ve lived up and down the east coast since graduating high school spending the last 10+ years in southeastern VA. I love Philadelphia Phillies baseball and UVA basketball, traveling, doing as much as I can outdoors – on a playing field, in the mountains, or on the water. A lifelong sports enthusiast, I’m a solid to above average contributor for whatever intramural or adult league team you’ve got…for about half a season when the doctor suggests that playing will further damage my <insert body part here> – I’ve been called “an orthopedic surgeon’s dream patient.” Here’s hoping physical therapy and yoga can keep the surgery count from rising. 

Contact Information
Andrew Wozniak
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Old Dominion University
4402 Elkhorn Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23529